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About us

While Mist International for Medical Services was founded in 2001 in Kuwait, the force of change begun in 2010, when we acquired new and revolutionary distributions known as the top brands across the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the best brands to our esteemed clients in Kuwait and to achieve excellence through the latest technologies around the world.

We want to improve your lives. We have a belief that the best products are those which embrace the skin health and transform the clients into the best version of themselves.

Our Team

Our professional team of pharmacists and beauty experts will guide you through an array of products to empower your business and deliver high returns.


We believe that educating the customer and keeping them abreast of changes and updates in the market is the first step to achieve the best and most efficient results of our products. You will realize your unique potential and accomplish your goals by attending our in office seminars and quarterly educational courses.

Our Goals and Values

Maintain a healthy relationship with all of our clients based on integrity and candidness through the best and most efficient customer care and ongoing communication

Inflict a constant and superior change in the Kuwaiti market

Sustain a high quality standard by providing the best treatments and products around

Treat each patient with a customized treatment plan and an individualized medicine.