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Bruno Vassari’s products were launch in the market

line by line starting with Body Energy, followed by AHA, White, Liposomas Complex, Active Purifying, Skin Comfort, Anti-Stress… until 2002, the Kianty line was launched, and Bruno Vassari became pioneer in wine therapy products and its treatments. A long experience and a wide international presence endorse Bruno Vassari as a leader brand in professional cosmetics.

The products:

Before developing a new product, Bruno Vassari makes an exhaustive analysis of the market in order to be aware of all the needs and improvements that the professional channel may require. Both marketing department and sales department are continuously in touch with their world wide clients; they are also aware of the novelties launched in the cosmetic market and even the ones that have not been launched yet. All this information gathered together with our strong efforts on selecting the best and most innovative raw materials, as well as the most stylish and up-to-date packaging, for producing our products, have turned Bruno Vassari into a benchmark in the professional cosmetics market.

Bruno Vassari’s raw materials selection process is based on a continuous contact with the suppliers, as well as a constant visit to all of the cosmetic exhibitions. Once the main actives are selected and tested, the production process starts in our laboratory, certified with ISO and Ecocert.

In addition to all the production process there is also an extraordinary effort and investments made by Bruno Vassari to position the brand as a benchmark of quality and effectiveness, with visible results from the first application. This success factors are the key to make the brand be found in the best beauty salons and Spas. From the very beginning, it has been aimed to strength a market that had not been taken into much account.